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 story : Two customer-centric RBI’s schemes launched by PM #FinanceIndia #StockMarketNEWS #Business To ensure retail participation in gilts, strengthen investments New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

@stockMarketNEWS 19 Days ago

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Two customer-centric RBI’s schemes launched by PM #FinanceIndia #StockMarketNEWS #Business
To ensure retail participation in gilts, strengthen investments

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched two customer-centric schemes with a view to strengthen financial inclusion by ensuring participation of small retail investors in the government securities market as well as to improve grievance redressal mechanism.

The launch of these two schemes Reserve Bank’s Retail Direct Scheme and Integrated Ombudsman Scheme will expand investment opportunities in the country and ensure easier access to capital markets with simple and secure mechanism, he said while launching schemes through video conferencing.

At the same time, he said, Retail Direct Scheme will also help in garnering funds for development works.

Retail direct scheme has given small investors in the country a simple and safe medium of investment in government securities. Similarly, One Nation, One Ombudsman System has taken shape in the banking sector with the Integrated Ombudsman Scheme today, he said.

The Integrated Ombudsman Scheme seeks to merge other ombudsman schemes making it a One Nation, One Ombudsman System for the entire financial sector.

Observing that one of the biggest touchstones of any democracy is the strength of its grievance redressal system, he said, the Integrated Ombudsman Scheme will go a long way in that direction.

“Similarly, the Retail Direct Scheme will give strength to the inclusion of everyone in the economy as it will bring in the middle class, employees, small businessmen and senior citizens with their small savings directly and securely in government securities. As government securities have the provision of guaranteed settlement, this gives assurance of safety to the small investor,? he said.

Stressing that a strong banking system is essential for an economy, Modi said the government has taken several measures to strengthen the financial health of the public sector banks.

Highlighting that banking sector reforms ranging from inclusion in the financial sector to technological integration have been carried out in the past few years, he said, “we have seen their strength in this difficult time of COVID. The decisions of the RBI also helped in increasing the impact of the big decisions that the government has taken in recent times. ?

Lamenting that banking, pension and insurance sector used to be like an exclusive club in India till 6-7 years ago, he said, all these facilities were not accessible to the common citizens in the country, poor families, farmers, small traders-businessmen, women, dalits-deprived-backward, etc.

Criticizing the earlier system, the Prime Minister said “those who had the responsibility of taking these facilities to the poor never paid any attention to it.

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